Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roommate prank

Okay, this is old material, but I think it deserves to be revisited. This is a post from my personal blog about one of the most successful tricks of our friend Jory.

A friend of mine likes to laugh. Often, this occurs at the expense of others, but mostly in ways that don't offend. To protect the innocent, I will call this friend "Jory" and the victim in this particular story "Matt."

Matt came home excited. He had obtained a girl's phone number that day (we'll call her "Becca"). Not only that, but he had convinced her to enter his name in her address book as "Sexy Matt." She sent a text message to confirm the number: "Hey sexy!"

Naturally, Matt was anxious to show Jory this text message, as it provided concrete evidence of his manliness and expert ways with the ladies. After bragging about his feat, Matt decided to take a shower. This was the worst possible move he could have made at a moment like this in a story like this (one involving Jory). Immediately, Jory grabbed Matt's phone, which had been placed carelessly on the dresser in plain sight, found his own number in Matt's address book, and changed out his name for Becca's. Now when he sent a text to Matt, Becca's name would be displayed.

Thus began the prank. The details are many and hilarious, but let it suffice to say that Jory played well the role of "creepy stalker girl." He sent all kinds of personal and flirtatious messages, including invitations to hang out and even an offer to kiss. Perhaps the creepiest text of all was this picture of Matt's bed with the words, "I like the planets..."

Jory was having too much fun to keep this devilish trick to himself, and he called me the morning after this all began to inform me. He then proceeded to keep me updated via email throughout the day. I was enjoying this at least as much as Jory was, so I decided to do my homework at Jory's house that evening so I could be there when Matt got home.

It was well worth the sacrifice (I knew going in that I would not actually be doing homework at Jory's house because that's impossible). Matt came home in quite a huff. He said, "Guys, I don't know what to do. A crazy girl has been texting me all day and she is being WAY too forward." Then, turning to Jory, he said, "Jory, have you been home today? I have to know--did you let her into our apartment, because she's been in my room!" It was all I could do to keep from laughing my head off.

It was true. Despite the blatant forwardness of the messages and the inclusion of information that only Jory could know, Matt had not even suspected a hoax. After a few minutes of agony for Matt and fun for us, Jory revealed his secret. Matt was silent for at least two full minutes. His first words were, "Jory, I'm not sure whether to hate you right now or congratulate you."

It was the perfect prank.