Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Spider

So, you won't believe what just happened, in fact, I don't know if I believe it, hahaha... I'm still under the influence of my nap... but, ok, this is the story.... I was taking a really nice nap, one of those rare ones that you really enjoy and don't wake up with a head ache (those are my favorite)... and I went to the bathroom, and guess what I saw???? a SPIDER, right there staring at me, it's like it knew me, of course it did! it lived in our bathroom, there's no way it didn't know us, uhhh!

So, I grabbed a hair spray to smash the spider with it, and as soon as I approached to smash it, it ran and hided in Matt's toiletry bag, big mistake! Of course I was still kind of sleeping, so I wasn't sure if what I had seen was my imagination or reality. So, I decided to visit Matt in his room (which is located right next to the bathroom, very convenient of course) and told him what I had seen. So, we both ran to the bathroom, and he wanted to make sure there was no spider in his stuff, I immediately told him I wasn't sure if the whole thing was product of my nap, but he went ahead and took his toiletry bag, lifted it and... there it was, again that same spider, staring at us, ohhh no!!! Matt in a desperate voiced yelled for Tyler, the spider exterminator (a.k.a. our other roommate) to come and help. Well, to not make the story long and boring, Tyler saved the House of Blues from the spider that lived in our bathroom and habitated in Matt's toiletry bag; Matt, expressed many times his concern about other poisonous spiders perhaps living in the house; and I, mmm... I had a great time scaring Matt and Tyler couple times, hahaaha....

You know, I think that if Jon had been here, because he loves spider man, he would have wanted the spider to bite him, so that he could get spiderous mutant powers, I thing he would've liked that, hehehehe.... but, oh well, probably he would just have said "aaaahhhhhhhhh...hhhhaa!!!!" some couple times, hehehehe...

Well, this was my fisrt and not last contribution to this blog, I hope you guys enjoy!!!! ahhhhhh.....hhhhhhaaa!!!

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