Sunday, November 15, 2009

I scream...Tyler screams for ice cream!

This last Saturday night was a night of revisiting and creating old and new memories for me. Tyler and I were naturally hungry (we being men, and surely hadn't eaten anything for over an hour), and we set off to see what the city that never sleeps had to offer (it being only 8:00) by way of gluttony. Our destination: A little place called Doc's Pizza.

Doc's Pizza is a little place off of University Parkway in Orem. It is remarkably similar to another popular pizza buffet chain that I am fairly well acquainted with called CiCi's pizza that we frequently dined at on my mission in Tulsa Oklahoma. I have heard rumors that there is one, or there are plans for one in Utah.

A lot has changed since I last ate there. Back in the glory days (as a freshman before my mission) we frequented the buffet for its incredibly reasonably prices. $4 per adult! It was almost too good to be true! We probably spent more on pizza than we did on tuition, and even more on gym memberships to counteract the effects of the pizza. Not much has changed in that department, besides the fact that tuition has gone up. Luckily, so has the price of the pizza. Would you believe me if I said that the current price is $6? Granted, that does include salad, bottomless soda, and ice cream...


We finish our meal-It was great, by the way, that hasn't changed. They do charge you a dollar now if you leave any food on your plate at the end, which is definitely ghetto. It makes sense though, as a freshman we used to go in and pile all of our crusts on a napkin in the middle of the table, and we would leave with an enormous pile of crusts spilling all over the booth, so I guess I can't complain too much... Anyway, we finish our meal, and Tyler says: "Are you going to get more pizza, or what"? To which I replied: "Nah, lets get some ice cream".

"No thanks" said Tyler, while Doc's breathed a collective sigh of relief. "I don't really feel like ice cream". "Pffffft. What do you mean you don't feel like ice cream"? I countered. "its free"!

Long story short, I of course prevail and Tyler saunters back over to the table with a tall ice cream cone in one hand, and an empty cone in the other". "I really like cones" he said.

As it turns out, thats not all that he liked.

Over the next 15 minutes, my friend who "didn't feel like ice cream" returned not once, but four times to the ice cream machine.

We may or may not be welcome back.

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