Sunday, March 7, 2010

A plethora of painstakingly placed pieces of poetic prose.

We have adventures.

This may come as a surprise.

Some like them, some don't.

We realize this.



We really do. That's why we write this stuff down. We can accept it if people don't see the humor/appreciate the subtle references that we do, but for those that do, this is for you.

Pay attention.

It has definitely been a while since either Tyler or I have posted anything. Keep in mind that this is not a result of a shortage of wild and crazy experiences, for their have been many maniatic moments, mostly moments that most men may mistake for myths, as for their magniloquent messages and meanings (there you go, Tyler).
As far as unusual experiences go, there have been no shortage of them as of late in the House of Blues, as (2) which is more than (1), and infinitely more than (0) (which has been our previous track record) of our own have deserted us in search of a better life (whoso readeth, let him understand) with those of the opposite sex (both [2] of said persons have "interesting" stories concerning their "methods" of "espousal", about which entire blogs "might" be dedicated to in "hopes" of detailing the intricacies of their "own" "said" "stories" [note: that it is "said" stories, not "sad" stories...or is it?]). Upon losing the former (2) we have gained (2) and volumes could be written about those things which have subsequently transpired here in the House of Blues.
I will attempt to distract myself from writing about such topics at this time, and heretofore speak of other things, as perhaps the most exciting event ever has occurred, enabling me to entertain you even now (that is, through this post). This said event has quite possibly never come to pass despite our desperate attempts to disguise our disgust and discouragement with our constituents (that is to say, our "friends"). In all of our efforts to bring the joy which we find in the little things on a daily basis to you, by documenting our various adventures and doings, we don't think that we have ever had an experience such as this. "What experience could this be?" The loyal fan may ask. "Why, after experiences such as 'The Human Squeegee', 'Impromptu Cheese Party', 'Tyler Screams for Ice Cream', and many others, what could possibly happen to these zany characters which tops all others?"

I'll tell you what it was.

Somebody actually read our blog.



I know.

...and whats more...they liked it.

I know, I am as surprised as you.


  1. I read this out loud to my roommate, and when I got to the part about the person reading your blog, I laughed out loud. Literally, laughed loud, long, and lusty (enough alliteration for your?). Thanks for the shout-out, Jory.

  2. Edca? I checked my Facebook friends and I couldn't find anyone by the name of "Edca" I know you? ;)

  3. Jory jollily jumped and jeeringly jested as he jotted jargon joyfully with jostling juts and jam and juniper jokes.

    Honestly, it a good thing that we finally drew someone into the madness that is the (basement of) the House of Blues? suppose they enta'd a' the' own fray will 'n choice?

    I still don't know if it's something to be celebrated.

    No, it definitely is.